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Table 5 Breakdown of annual administration cost of biologics

From: Drug utilization and cost associated with inflammatory bowel disease management in Saudi Arabia

 Cost categoriesBiological agents
Treatment courseDefined daily dose (DDD)3.75 mg2.9 mg14 mg1.66 mg0.54 mg5.4 mg
Acquisition price per day16.5 USD44.54 USD37.98 USD21.98 USD12.25 USD45.83 USD
Route of administrationIVSubQSubQSubQ1st dose: IV
Other doses: SubQ
Infusion time1st dose = 3 h
other doses = 2 h
N/AN/AN/A1 h30 min
The doses per year1st year= 9 doses
Next year = 7 doses
1st year= 27 doses
Next year = 26 doses
1st year=15 doses
Next year = 13 doses
1st year= 14 doses
Next year = 13 doses
1st year= 6 doses
Next year = 6 doses.
1st year= 9 doses
Next year = 6 doses
Lab tests (all at baseline, and CBC as indicated for each med.)Tuberculin Test46.13 USD46.13 USD46.13 USD46.13 USD46.13 USD46.13 USD
Chest X-ray53.33 USD53.33 USD53.33 USD53.33 USD53.33 USD53.33 USD
HIV serology170.67 USD170.67 USD170.67 USD170.67 USD170.67 USD170.67 USD
Hepatitis B and C serology72.80 USD72.80 USD72.80 USD72.80 USD72.80 USD72.80 USD
VZV serology114.93 USD114.93 USD114.93 USD114.93 USD114.93 USD114.93 USD
HSV serology120 USD120 USD120 USD120 USD120 USD120 USD
CBC26.67 USD26.67 USD26.67 USD26.67 USD26.67 USD26.67 USD
U&E, LFT, ESR, serum albumin and CRP320 USD320 USD320 USD320 USD320 USD320 USD
  CBC at every administrationCBC every 3 monthsCBC every 3 monthsCBC every 3 monthsCBC every 3 monthsCBC at every administration
Pre-medication (at baseline and at every administration)Intravenous Infusion procedure53.33 USD0 USD0 USD0 USD53.33 USD53.33 USD
Normal saline0.93 USD0 USD0 USD0 USD0.93 USD0.93 USD
Hydrocortisone IV injection of 100 mg2.17 USD0 USD0 USD0 USD2.17 USD2.17 USD
Chlorpheniramine IV injection of 10 mg0.32 USD0 USD0 USD0 USD0.32 USD0.32 USD
Nursing fee per houra1st dose
= 40 USD
Other doses
= 26.67 USD
0 USD0 USD0 USD13.33 USD6.66 USD
Annual acquisition costbAnnual acquisition cost based on DDD6023 USD16,258 USD13,865 USD8025 USD4471 USD16,730 USD
Lab tests’ costs1138 USD1031 USD1031 USD1031 USD1031 USD1138 USD
IV Pre-medication costs and nursing fee744 USD0 USD0 USD0 USD70 USD556 USD
Total cost for the first year of treatment7905 USD17,289 USD14,896 USD9056 USD5572 USD18,424 USD
  1. IV intravenous route, SubQ subcutaneous route, DDD defined daily dose, N/A not applicable, CBC complete blood count, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, VZV Varicella zoster virus, HSV Herpes simplex virus, U&E Urea and electrolytes, LFT liver function test, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP C-reactive protein
  2. aNursing fee per hour is 13.33 USD
  3. bRounded to the nearest dollar