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    Authors: Dario Londoño Trujillo, Nestor Fernando Sandoval Reyes, Alejandra Taborda Restrepo, Cindy Lorena Chamorro Velasquez, Maria Teresa Dominguez Torres, Sandra Vanessa Romero Ducuara, Gloria Amparo Troncoso Moreno, Hernan Camilo Aranguren Bello, Alejandra Fonseca Cuevas, Pablo Andres Bermudez Hernandez, Pablo Sandoval Trujillo and Rodolfo Jose Dennis

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Resource allocation in decision support frameworks

The authors discuss the traits and limitations of cost–benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and multi-criteria decision analysis.

Part of the Priority Setting in Global Health supplement.

Aims and scope

Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation considers manuscripts on all aspects of cost-effectiveness analysis, including conceptual or methodological work, economic evaluations, and policy analysis related to resource allocation at a national or international level.

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Cost-effective interventions for cancer: results from WHO-CHOICE

The team of the WHO-CHOICE program use “Generalized Cost-Effectiveness Analysis” to identify the optimal package of interventions for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer.

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