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Table 2 Base case treatment and costs included for each health state in the first month and subsequent months in that state for all cervical cancer screening strategies

From: Cost-effectiveness of cervical cancer screening and preventative cryotherapy at an HIV treatment clinic in Kenya

Health state Health services and costs included in first month Health services and costs included in subsequent months
Screening Treatment Treatment of any side effects
No lesion Yes None
Low grade lesions Yes None
High grade lesions Yes Cryotherapy or LEEP Yes None
Local invasive cancer Yes Radical hysterectomy Yes None
Regional invasive cancer Yes Radical hysterectomy, Radiotherapy + chemotherapy Yes Palliative care
Distant invasive cancer Yes Radiotherapy + chemotherapy Yes Palliative care
  1. Pap Papanicolaou smear, HPV DNA testing for Human Papilloma Virus, VIA visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid, LEEP loop electrosurgical excision procedure