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Table 3 Normative evaluation of reporting in the health economic assessment of SBRT in the treatment of HCC (CHEERS scale)

From: Health economic evaluation of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review

EntryHayeon Kim [17]Leung [18]Pollom [9]Leung [20]Parikh [21]
Title and abstract
 1. TitleYYYYY
 2. AbstractYYYPY
 3. Background and objectiveYYYYY
 4. Target population and subgroupsPPYPY
 5. Setting and locationYYYYY
 6. Study perspectiveYYYYY
 7. ComparatorsYYYYY
 8. Time horizonYYYYY
 9. Discount ratePPPP
 10. Indicators of health outcomesYYYYY
 11. Measurement of effectiveness     
11a Effectiveness estimates1Y
 11b Effectiveness estimates1PYPY
 12. Measurement and valuation of preference-based outcomesYYYYY
 13. Estimating resources and costs     
 13a. Estimating resources and costsY
 13b. Estimating resources and costsYYYY
 14. Currency, price date, and conversionYYYY
 15. Choice of modelYYYY
 16. Model assumptionsYYYY
 17. Analytical methodsYYYYY
 18. Study parametersYYYYY
 19. Incremental costs and outcomesYYYYY
Characterizing uncertainty
 20a. Characterizing uncertaintyY
 20b. Characterizing uncertaintyYYYY
 21. Characterizing heterogeneity
 22. The consistency of major findings, limitations and generalizability of the article with current knowledgeYYYYY
 23. Source of fundingNYYNN
 24. Conflicts of interestYYYYY
Actual scorea20.5222220.518
Adjusted total scoreb2323232320
Adjusted score (%)c8996968990
  1. Y complete reporting (1 point); P partial reporting (0.5 points); N no reporting (0 point); -: non-applicable reporting (0 points)
  2. 1 a, b corresponded to population and model studies, respectively (the same hereafter); a actual evaluation score; b adjusted total score was the total score of the article after non-applicable entries were excluded; c adjusted score = actual score/adjusted total score *100%