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Table 4 CD4+ monthly mortality rate

From: Improving access to antiretrovirals in China: economic analyses of dolutegravir in HIV-1 patients

 > 500 (%)350–500 (%)200–350 (%)100–200 (%)50–100 (%)0–50 (%)
Normal mortality0.0002
Adjusted natural mortality− 0.0005
HIV mortality (raw)0.70001.20001.80008.00008.00008.0000
HIV mortality (monthly adjustment)0.05850.10060.15130.69240.69240.6924
Average HIV mortality0.1850
AOI mortality rate (monthly)
 Other OI0.0470.0870.2240.7162.4603.940
AOI final mortality (monthly)0.0090.0650.3640.1050.3260.530
Average AOI rate0.181
Used in the model0.0670.1650.5150.7961.0181.222
Monthly CD4+ mortality rate0.0670.1650.5150.7961.0181.222
  1. Regarding the correction for all-cause mortality, a standardised mortality ratio by CD4+ cell count was applied as derived by Lewden et al. [35]