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Table 4 Methodological case of the budget impact analysis

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of newborn pulse oximetry screening to detect critical congenital heart disease in Colombia

Technologies assessed (a) General examination with pulse oximetry
(b) General examination
Population Term newborns in Colombia
Demographical growth as from DANE projections
Epidemiological information (prevalence of CCHDs) taken from SLR
Perspective Health system—third payer
Time horizon Every scenario: 1 year
Three scenarios are compared
Costs included See Table 3 (costs associated to the detection of CCHD)
The base case corresponds to the current scenario, without the use of pulse oximetry
Sources of information Costs deriving from the economic assessment
Prevalence derived from SLR
Scenarios Current scenario: pulse oximetry: 0%
New scenario a: pulse oximetry 10%
New scenario b: pulse oximetry 20%
Results The difference among estimated scenarios (current and new), expressed as follows:
Budget impact = New scenariocurrent scenario
  1. DANE the national administrative department of statistics, SLR systematic literature review