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Table 3 Reasons behind public servants’ willingness/unwillingness to pay for social health insurance in Mekelle City, Northern Ethiopia, 2017

From: Willingness to pay for social health insurance and its determinants among public servants in Mekelle City, Northern Ethiopia: a mixed methods study

Variable Frequency Percent
Reasons for joining SHI (n = 325) a
To get free health service at point of service provision 277 85.2
To help others who can’t afford their medical costs 238 73.2
For security and peace of mind in times of ill-health 278 85.5
Facing health problem frequently 14 4.3
Reasons for not joining SHI (n = 56) a
Lack of money to pay 23 41.1
It doesn’t cover all health services 12 21.4
OOP charge is better 12 21.4
Lack of trust in insurance scheme 17 30.4
Poor quality of health service in public health facility 9 16.1
Others (double payment from wife and husband, government should pay, I have free card) 5 8.9
  1. aMultiple answers possible (total may exceed 100%)