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Table 3 Health care costs of 318 women for the preventable proportion of surgical site infections based on a primary estimation of 9% overhead costs

From: Cost-effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in elective cesarean section

Total cost for care of SSI 4560
Cost for care of SSI excluding overhead costs 4150
Proportion of costs of SSI preventable by antibiotic prophylaxis (38%) 1577
Total cost for care of DSI 22,747
Cost for care of DSI excluding overhead costs 20,698
Proportion of costs of DSI preventable by antibiotic prophylaxis (62%) 12,833
Total cost preventable by antibiotic prophylaxis 14,410
Total cost per women 45.3
  1. All costs are in Euros
  2. DSI deep surgical site infection, SSI superficial surgical site infection