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Table 1 Summary of the GPS-Health checklist and mapped indicators

From: Accounting for equity considerations in cost-effectiveness analysis: a systematic review of rotavirus vaccine in low- and middle-income countries

GPS-Health Equity checklista Indicatorsb Definition
Group 1: Disease and intervention criteria
 Severity Severity of illness at the individual level Mild/moderate/severe
Age distribution of the disease Disease incidence by age group
 Realization of potential Final health status Health status after treatment showing treatment benefit capacity
 Past health loss Presence of comorbidities Presence of other diseases or conditions with the studied disease
Group 2: Criteria related to characteristics of social groups
 Socioeconomic status Household income level Wealth level, occupation, and socioeconomic indices
Relative coverage Difference in coverage between the richest and poorest quintile
Education Education level of patients or parents
 Area of living Geographic location Urban/rural; by province or by state
 Gender Sex at birth Male/Female
 Race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation Race Having certain physical characteristics
Ethnicity Belonging to a social group
Religion Belonging to a religious group
Sexual orientation Homo/Heterosexual
Group 3: Criteria related to protection against the financial effect of ill health
 Economic productivity Loss of productivity Productivity lost due to illness
Age Age-weighting of DALYs
 Care for others Number of dependent persons Are children or elderly depending on the patient?
 Catastrophic health expenditure Financial risk protection Protection against catastrophic spending
Reliance on OOP expenditure OOP spending due to illness for treatment or care
  1. aGPS-Health Equity checklist developed by Norheim et al. [18]
  2. bIndicators developed by authors