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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of sample used for final inpatient care estimates (N = 3407)

From: Econometric estimation of WHO-CHOICE country-specific costs for inpatient and outpatient health service delivery

  Description Mean SE
Ln cost per bed day Natural log of cost per bed day in 2007 I$ 181.59 241.21
Ln GDP per capita Natural log of GDP per capita in 2007 I$ 8788.86 3729.88
Ln occupancy rate Natural log of bed occupancy rate 0.23 0.33
Ln ALOS Natural log of Average Length of Stay (ALOS) 4.16 2.33
Ln admissions Natural log of total inpatient admissions 4700.00 7416.81
District Dummy variable for level 3 facilitiesa (equivalent to district hospitals) 0.80 0.40
Teaching Dummy variable for level 5 facilities (teaching hospitals)a 0.09 0
Public Dummy variable for public hospitalsb 0.58 1
Private Dummy variable for private hospitalsb 0.16 0
Brazil Dummy variable for Brazil. Brazil = 1 0.58 1
  1. aDummies for hospital level are compared with level 4 facilities
  2. bDummies for hospital ownership are compared with private not-for profit hospitals