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Fig. 2 | Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Fig. 2

From: Cost effectiveness of pre-referral antimalarial treatment in severe malaria among children in sub-Saharan Africa

Fig. 2

Cost-utility of pre-referral treatments at primary facility. P1 probability of receiving any of the pre-referral interventions, P01 probability of receiving either of the intramuscular interventions, P2 referral compliance, P3 inpatient case fatality rate after rectal pre-referral treatment, P4 case fatality rate for untreated severe malaria, P5 inpatient case fatality rate for severe malaria without pre-referral treatment, P6 intervention uptake, P7 inpatient case fatality rate with pre-referral i.m artesunate, P8 inpatient case fatality rate with pre-referral i.m quinine

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