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Table 1 Description of cost items and their categorisation

From: Economic evaluation of participatory learning and action with women’s groups facilitated by Accredited Social Health Activists to improve birth outcomes in rural eastern India

Cost categories Description
Start-up costs Identification and initial discussions with ASHAs; trainings with ASHAs; hiring support staff for women’s group intervention and monitoring staff; setting up the monitoring system; training of monitoring team; initial contacts with community members; printing picture cards; setting up the accounting system to collect cost data
Women’s groups costs Incentives to 137 ASHAs for conducting women’s groups meetings; incentives paid to 15 co-facilitators who supported ASHAs in mobilising women and keeping records of the meetings; supervision costs for the women’s group intervention paid to five supervisors; time and other resource costs like transport and communication of staff members who supported the women’s group intervention
VHSNC strengthening costs Incentives paid to five facilitators who conducted meetings with VHSNCs; supervision cost of VHSNC strengthening works paid to one supervisor for his time including other resource costs like transport, communication etc. and other costs required to support VHSNC strengthening works
Research costs Incentives paid to community identifiers to collect information about births and newborn deaths in their catchment areas, incentives paid to 30 monitoring staff members who collected data on births and neonatal deaths; supervision cost of data collection work and quality checks paid to five supervisors, incentives paid to Data Inputters and Data Manager, time and other resource costs like transport, communication for other staff members who supported quantitative and qualitative data collection, data management and data analysis
Joint costs Costs related to general administration, incentives paid and other related costs for accounting and administrative staff, time and resources of all staff involved in general administrative works, office rents, utility charges, maintenance cost, postage, general printing costs, bank charges against remittances, incentives paid for office assistance, security guards