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Table 5 Cost per DALY averted associated with low-cost high-priority interventions recommended for South Asia

From: Optimizing treatment for the prevention of pre-eclampsia/eclampsia in Nepal: is calcium supplementation during pregnancy cost-effective?

Low-cost high-priority interventions recommended for South Asia Mean cost per DALY averted (USD)
Childhood immunization $8.00 [47]
 Additional coverage of traditional Expanded Program on Immunization
Full course calcium supplementation (82.2%) with 67.3% compliance in addition to MgSO 4 (68.9%) in Nepal $25.33
HIV/AIDS $9–126 [47]
 Voluntary counseling and testing
 Peer-based programs targeting at-risk groups
 School-based interventions that disseminate information to students
 Prevention of mother-to-child-transmission with antiretroviral therapy
Surgical services and emergency care $6–212 [47]
 Surgical ward in a district hospital
 Staffed community ambulance
 Training of lay first responders and volunteer paramedics
Tuberculosis $8–263 [47]
 Childhood vaccination against endemic TB
 Directly observed short-course chemotherapy
 Isoniazid treatment of epidemic TB
 Management of drug resistance
Using MgSO4 prophylaxis for only severe cases of pre-eclampsia in low GNI countries $263.00 [30]
Maternal and neonatal care $127–394 [47]
 Increased primary care coverage
 Improved quality of comprehensive emergency obstetric care
 Improved overall quality and coverage of care
 Neonatal packages targeted to families, communities, and clinics
Incremental cost of preventing one case of eclampsia using MgSO4 in low GNI countries $456.00 [30]
  1. The italicized text denotes the study program in Nepal and aims to contextualize our findings against those of alternative resource uses recommended by the Disease Control Priorities (2nd ed)