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Table 1 Total costs and inputs in 2014 USD

From: Optimizing treatment for the prevention of pre-eclampsia/eclampsia in Nepal: is calcium supplementation during pregnancy cost-effective?

Indicator Value Distribution for PSA
Total fixed program costs
 Start-up costs
  Capital $33,884.48
  Recurrent costs $10,919.61
  Total $44,804.09
 Implementation costs
  Recurrent costs $72,827.94
  Blood pressure instrument $24.25
  Total (not incl. variable costs, listed below) $72,852.19
 Total program costs (per individual) $0.44  
Variable costs per individual
 Urine test (sample bottle + dipstick) $0.07 Lognormal
 Calcium supply (per bottle, 100 tablets) $0.69 Lognormal
 MgSO4 treatment regimen $13.00 [21] Lognormal
 Mean daily bed fee for maternal hospitalization $4.21 Lognormal
 Other maternal hospitalization costs $31.66 Lognormal
 Mean daily bed fee for newborn hospitalization $8.25 Lognormal
 Other newborn hospitalization costs $21.11 Lognormal
Mean indirect costs per individual
 Daily wage in district $3.36 [42] Lognormal
 Round trip transportation for hospitalization $29.67 [41] Lognormal
Mean duration of hospital stay
 Normal, healthy case
  Vaginal birth 1 day
  Cesarean section 4.3 days
  Live newborn 1 day
 PE/E case
  Vaginal birth 6 days
  Cesarean section 10 days
  Live newborn 7 days
  1. Source: Jhpiego/MCHIP