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Table 5 Association between quality care proxies and technical efficiency (n = 64)

From: Efficiency of private and public primary health facilities accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority in Ghana

Quality care proxies Technical efficiency score
NHIA core standard areas
 Range of services −0.1416
 Staffing −0.0522
 Organization and management −0.1370
 Quality and safety management −0.1431
 Care delivery −0.1946
 Overall score −0.3158*
SafeCare Essentials patient risk areas
 Leadership and accountability −0.0834
 Competency of workforce 0.0055
 Environmental safety −0.2764*
 Clinical care −0.1318
 Quality improvement −0.0421
 Overall score −0.1912
  1. WOTRO-COHEiSION Ghana Project (Health Facility Survey Data: March–June, 2012)
  2. Quality care proxies represent the health facilities performance in adherence to patient safety and standard quality health service delivery protocols. Higher scores depict better efforts and adherence to these standard protocols and vice versa
  3. * Spearman rank correlation statistically significant at 0.05 level of significance (unadjusted Bonferroni or Sidak)