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Table 1 DALYs attributable to Five Diseases where Physical Inactivity is a Risk Factor in Western Australia (WA) and reduction in the Burden of Disease following GP advice

From: Cost-effectiveness implications of GP intervention to promote physical activity: evidence from Perth, Australia

  Total DALYs lost each year in WA a PIF b Potential Annual DALYs gained with GP intervention
Colon Cancer 5,721 0.123 703
Ischaemic Heart Disease 23,700 0.091 2,155
Stroke 10,655 0.167 1,776
Type 2 Diabetes 11,957 0.057 677
Depression 17,250 0.057 976
Total 69,281   6,286
  1. a: calculated from the burden of disease and injury study in Australia in the year 2003.
  2. b; based on relative risks of physical inactivity obtained form Burden of Disease and Injury study in Australia 1999.