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Table 5 One way sensitivity analyses results

From: Giving tranexamic acid to reduce surgical bleeding in sub-Saharan Africa: an economic evaluation

  Kenya Tanzania Botswana South Africa
Probability of requiring a transfusion without TXA     
0% $13,000a $13,000a $13,000a $13,000a
100% $58b $63b -$97,000a -$97,000a
Probability of death for a patient not receiving transfusion     
75% $380b $416b -$59,000a -$59,000a
15% $50b $53b -$59,000a -$59,000a
Cost of TXA     
$3.13 $54b $59b -$64,000a -$64,000a
$44 $327b $350b -$23,000a -$23,000a
Cost of one unit of blood     
$15.6 $87b $93b -$6,000a -$6,000a
$262 $87b $93b -$316,000a -$316,000a
Probability of death for a surgery patient in SSA     
11% $100b $108b -$59,000a -$59,000a
4% $83b $88b -$59,000a -$59,000a
RR of requiring transfusion with TXA vs. no TXA     
0.54 $78b $88b -$64,000a -$64,000a
0.69 $102b $172b -$52,000a -$52,000a
Number of units transfused without TXA     
2.52 $105b $110b $-36,000a $-36,000a
3.73 $74b $81b $-81,000a $-81,000a
  1. a rounded to the nearest thousand
  2. b Incremental cost per life saved