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Table 6 Financial analysis of YFHS programme: Alternatives for Tursunzade

From: The costs of a sexually transmitted infection outreach and treatment programme targeting most at risk youth in Tajikistan

Scenario 1: Budget based on state standard per capita expenditure and number of youth visits Formula/notes
a. Youth aged 13-19 39,657 39,657  
b. State standard health budget per capita 0.37 2.32 $0.37 is state standard allocation; $2.32 is the annual budget for primary health care per capita in Tursunzade
c. Budget for youth according to standard 14,641 91,995 = a × b
Programme routine costs as percentage of youth budget 134% 21%  
Scenario 2: Budget based on STI and dermatologic in-patient services Formula/notes
a. State standard budget for 1 bed-day 11.2   
b. Total annual budget for STI/dermatologic in-patient services (BBP) 21,717   From MoH records
Programme routine costs as percentage of STI budget 91%   
  1. YFHS: Youth Friendly Health Services
  2. MARA: Most at-risk adolescents