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Table 3 Summary of the cost-effectiveness analysis. Costs in SEK 2004.

From: Non-pharmaceutical prevention of hip fractures – a cost-effectiveness analysis of a community-based elderly safety promotion program in Sweden

  Cost item Total
Program costs
Project wage costs 1,783,889  
Other wage costs 1,920,119  
Volunteers 76,025  
Running costs 308,959  
Other costs 1,527,409  
Participants' costs 834,748  
Total Program costs   6,451,149
Costs avoided
Medical care 2,350,551  
Pharmaceuticals 140,257  
Community care 3,694,309  
Informal care 337,017  
Total Costs avoided   6,522,134
Net costs   -70,985
Health effects   
Life-years saved (YLS)*   42.23
QALYs   35.16
  1. *undiscounted