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Table 3 Regression estimates of determinants of log(average costs per procedure)

From: Estimating cost savings from regionalizing cardiac procedures using hospital discharge data

  Coefficient CI Coefficient CI
Log(volume) -0.07 (-0.124– -0.016)   
Volume    -0.0007 (-0.0012– -0.0002)
Volume 2    6.62E-07 (1.26E-07– 1.20E-06)
Volume 3    -1.79E-10 (-3.37E-10– -2.16E-11)
Sample Size 930,327 744,156
  1. Regressions also include year dummy variables (1989 to 2000), indicators for age (65–69, 70–74, 80–84, 85 years), female, black race, AMI, urgent or emergency admission, transfer from another hospital, the individual components of the Charlson comorbidity index, multivessel PCI or stent use for PCI patients, and a dummy variable for each hospital in the sample.