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Table 1 Relative importance of cost-effectiveness and severity of disease: sample results from the qualitative study

From: Is cost-effectiveness analysis preferred to severity of disease as the main guiding principle in priority setting in resource poor settings? The case of Uganda

Ranks    Groups   
  Patients with HIV and Hypertension General population Out-patients Health workers District planners
1 Severity Severity Severity Severity Cost of care
2 Cost of care Number affected Number affected Affects children Effectiveness of treatment
3 Conditions that are difficult to manage Affects disadvantaged Community felt problem Cost of care Community felt problem
4 Equity Affects development Affects children Number affected Severity
5 Number affected Ease of intervention Gender Availability of effective treatment Consequences of problem
6 Equality Community felt problem Availability of effective treatment Benefit of intervention Ease of intervention
7 Availability of Effective treatment Cost of care Equity Consequences of condition Affects children
8 Person responsible for cause Effectiveness of intervention Preventable Equity Affects disadvantaged
  1. The values are reported as mentioned in the group discussions