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Table 2 Medical costs for treating several stages of chronic infection with hepatitis C virus

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of treatment with peginterferon-alfa-2a versus peginterferon-alfa-2b for patients with chronic hepatitis C under the public payer perspective in Brazil

Cost item Cost data
  Cost / year / patient
Chronic hepatitis C $Brz 586
Compensated cirrhosis $Brz 852
Decompensated cirrhosis $Brz 21,716
Hepatocellular carcinoma $Brz 12,526
Liver transplant, 1st year $Brz 63,013
Liver transplant, subsequent year $Brz 7,777
  1. Notes: Costs based on SAI/SIH–SUS for procedures and Brazilian Official Gazette or “Banco de Preços em Saúde” for drugs.