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Table 3 Cost-effectiveness analysis results

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of a strategy to delay progression to dialysis and death among chronic kidney disease patients in Lima, Peru

  Renal Health Program Standard of care Difference
Costs (USD, per person) 9357 10,140 − 783
YL (per person) 9.50 9.14 0.36
QALY (per person) 8.19 8.15 0.04
ICER: USD/YL − 2173   
ICER: USD/QALY − 21,660   
  1. QALY quality-adjusted life year; ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; YL years of life; USD United States Dollars
  2. Costs and ICER values were rounded to the closest integer; YL and QALY values were rounded to two decimals