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Table 2 List of the main current documents related to costing and standard unit costing in healthcare

From: Cost transferability problems in economic evaluation as a framework for an European health care and social costs database

Country Cost methodology manual/cost list/database cost for Hee Year
Australia Manual of resource items and their associated unit costs. For use in submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee involving economic analyses Version 5.0 [40] December, 2016
Canada Guidance Document for the Costing of Health Care Resources in the Canadian Setting Second Edition [42] June 2015
Canadian Patient Cost Database Technical Document MIS Patient Costing Methodologya January 2019
United Kingdom Unit Costs of Health and Social Care. Complete document [43] 2018
Unit cost database of health and social care professionalsb 2017/18
Netherland Update of the Dutch Manual for Costing in Economic Evaluations. [44] 2017
Germany Working Paper on Cost Estimation in health economic evaluations [34] 2009
Thailand Standard cost lists for health economic evaluation in Thailand [48] 2014
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