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Table 5 Cost-utility analysis for observed admission time and 1-day admission time

From: Cost effectiveness of outpatient lumbar discectomy

  3-month 6-month
Observed admission time
 ICER (outpatient vs inpatient) €345,755.1/QALY €135,753.2/QALY
 %Simulations outpatient better than inpatient 65.2% 73.0% 68.9% 71.8%
1-day admission time
 ICER (outpatient vs inpatient) €207,541.7/QALY €80,338.7/QALY
 % simulations outpatient better than inpatient 58.4% 54.4% 66.3% 66.4%
  1. ICER values for 6-month assessment are not presented because, since outpatient is associated both with lower costs and higher utility gains, inpatient was dominated. AUC, Area under the curve; CfB, Change from Baseline; ICER, Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio; QALY, Quality-adjusted life year