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Table 2 Decision Criteria preferred by the hospital managers

From: Portable continuous wave Doppler ultrasound for primary healthcare in South Africa: can the EUnetHTA Core Model guide evaluation before technology adoption?

Domains/criteria Domains/criteria (Frequency) Y/N
Need for the intervention Disease severity (3)/(0)
Size of affected population (3)/(0)
Outcomes of the intervention Improvement of the effectiveness/efficacy (2)/(0)
Improvement safety/tolerability (3)/(0)
Improvement patient-perceived health/patient-reported outcomes (2)/(1)
Type of benefit of the intervention Interest towards public health (3)/(0)
Type of clinical benefit (3)/(0)
Economic impact of intervention Impact on the budget (3)/(0)
Impact on other spending—other medical/non-medical costs (3)/(0)
Contextual criteria Mandate and scope of healthcare system (3)/(0)
Population priority and access (2)/(1)
Common goal and specific interests (1)/(1)
Feasibility of contextual criteria System capacity and appropriate use of intervention (3)/(0)
Political / historical / cultural context (1)/(1)
Opportunity Cost Opportunity costs and affordability (3)/(0)