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Fig. 6 | Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Fig. 6

From: The health care sector in the economies of the European Union: an overview using an input–output framework

Fig. 6

Source: Prepared by authors with Eurostat data, "Use table at basic prices (domestic)"/“Symmetric input–output table at basic prices (product by product) (domestic)"

Health care services. Types of uses (% of total uses). 2010. Note: The “other uses” component includes all possible alternatives for the output of health care services, including intermediate outputs and other final uses (NPISH final consumption expenditure, gross capital formation (GCF) and exports). This use of GCF should not be interpreted as the investment expenditure made by health care services. The construction of the different input–output tables that are analysed only allows us to determine what the investment expenditure is by the set of industries of the economy, but not the expenditure carried out by each of the industries individually.

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