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Table 4 One-way sensitivity analyses for sarcoma patients in France, all anthracycline doses

From: Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of dexrazoxane for the prevention of anthracycline-related cardiotoxicity in children with sarcoma and haematologic malignancies: a European perspective

Description of analysisNo dexrazoxaneWith dexrazoxaneIncremental costs €Incremental QALYsICER €
Total costs €Total QALYsTotal costs €Total QALYs
Base case12,10219.7812,54920.354470.57791
Risk of CHF is based on French general population prevalence data multiplied with relative risks for childhood cancer survivors [15]18,04715.2215,43717.61− 26092.39Dominant
Risk of CHF is extrapolated with a linear function11,85420.0612,47720.486240.421493
Risk of death modelled with general population life tables multiplied by SMR for childhood cancer survivors [20]13,10319.7013,66820.175650.471214
Treatment effect modelled with Bayesian RR12,09919.7812,57520.314760.53895
Utility data based on NYHA class [22] and not differentiated by age12,09920.3712,54820.614490.231922
  1. CHF congestive heart failure, ICER incremental cost effectiveness ratio, NYHA New York Heart Association, QALY quality-adjusted life years, RR relative risk, SMR standardised mortality ratio