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Table 3 ICER for dexrazoxane administration according to anthracycline dose treatment of sarcoma and haematological malignancies

From: Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of dexrazoxane for the prevention of anthracycline-related cardiotoxicity in children with sarcoma and haematologic malignancies: a European perspective

Malignancy typeFrance (€)Germany (€)UK (£)aItaly (€)Spain (€)
 All AC doses89520061983DominantDominant
 > 100 mg/m289119911986DominantDominant
 > 250 mg/m298221962135DominantDominant
 All AC doses55914181590DominantDominant
 > 100 mg/m256314001579DominantDominant
 > 250 mg/m258614621630DominantDominant
  1. a£ sterling amounts converted to Euro at a rate of 1.15€ to one £ for calculations of mean values
  2. AC anthracycline, ICER incremental cost effectiveness ratio