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Table 2 Base case results for France, all anthracycline doses

From: Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of dexrazoxane for the prevention of anthracycline-related cardiotoxicity in children with sarcoma and haematologic malignancies: a European perspective

 Sarcoma patientsHaematological malignancy patients
Usual treatmentUsual treatment + dexrazoxaneUsual treatmentUsual treatment + dexrazoxane
Clinical events
 Proportion with CHF (%)21.905.1824.384.26
 Average age at CHF diagnosis (years)57.4459.6656.5759.06
 Years of life with CHF4.901.075.450.88
 Number of CHF hospitalizations0.610.170.680.15
 Average age at death (years)68.9369.0067.4267.55
Cause of death (%)
 Death from cancer56.3857.0756.1257.04
 Cardiac death5.424.125.693.95
 Death from infection or respiratory disease2.622.702.602.71
 Death from other disease28.0628.4928.1028.69
 Violent death7.527.627.497.61
 Death from unknown cause0.
 QALYs without cardiac disease18.37919.59318.52820.099
 QALYs with ALVD1.0440.6811.0940.500
 QALYs with CHF0.3610.0740.3680.056
 Total QALYs19.78320.34919.99020.654
 Total LY disc21.90121.91322.02122.041
Costs (€)
 Drug and administration costs7080.968123.617080.968123.61
 Heart failure costs757.48199.24806.93140.74
 Death costs4261.184252.884198.354184.70
 Total costs12,099.6212,575.7312,086.2512,449.05
 QALYs0.565 0.665 
 Costs (€)476.11 362.80 
 ICER (€)894.55 545.87 
  1. ALVD asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction, CHF congestive heart failure, ICER incremental cost effectiveness ratio, QALY quality-adjusted life years