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Table 1 Data sources for base case and sensitivity analyses

From: Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of dexrazoxane for the prevention of anthracycline-related cardiotoxicity in children with sarcoma and haematologic malignancies: a European perspective

InputsBase caseSensitivity analysis
Risk of developing CHFBased on risk scores and the standard model risk equations developed by Chow et al. [13]Based on the Hazard ratio for CHF in a cohort of adult survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer according to anthracycline dose [16]
Extrapolation of cumulative CHF incidencePolynomialLinear
Risk of dying from non-CHF causesBased on cause-specific cumulative mortality curves developed by Mertens et al. [20]Based on life tables combined with SMR [21]
Treatment effect calculationsBased on meta-analysis of data from non-randomized and randomized studies using M–H approachBased on Bayesian meta-analysis of data from non-randomized and randomized studies
Utility valuesAs presented in Wong et al. [22]Based on New York Heart Association classes I and III, [0.855 (0.845; 0.846) and 0.673 (0.665; 0.690)] representing heath states ALVD and CHF respectively
  1. ALVD asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction, CHF congestive heart failure, SMR standardised mortality ratio