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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the overview of systematic reviews

From: Development of the WHO-INTEGRATE evidence-to-decision framework: an overview of systematic reviews of decision criteria for health decision-making

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
The publication is a review based on systematic searches of the literature
The publication is concerned with the criteria considered as part of a health decision between two or more options or the weighting of multiple options, made by a governmental or non-governmental organization on a supranational, national, or programme level
The health decision is made from a population perspective regarding the general population, patients, healthcare personnel, health decision-makers or other similar stakeholders in public health and healthcare
The publication reports on a comprehensive set of criteria identified through the literature searches (at least 3 criteria)
The publication is written in English, German, Spanish or Italian
The publication is not a literature review
The publication did not utilize a systematic search strategy
The publication is focused on selected criteria (e.g. cost-effectiveness) rather than sets of criteria guiding a decision
The publication relates to a health decision made outside of an organizational context (e.g. General Practitioner’s office) and/or from an individual perspective (e.g. treatment choices for an individual patient in clinical practice)
The publication primarily addresses issues of how to measure, weight or calculate a criterion (e.g. cost-effectiveness, quality of life)