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Table 2 Disability weights for different disease states used in the model

From: Introduction of birth dose of hepatitis B virus vaccine to the immunization program in Ethiopia: an economic evaluation

Disease state Disability weight Source
Inactive carrier 0.0 [26]
Chronic active hepatitisa 0.01 [24]
Compensated cirrhosis 0.0 [26]
Decompensated cirrhosis 0.178 [26]
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)b
Diagnosis and primary treatment 0.288 [26]
  Metastasis 0.451 [26]
  Terminal 0.54 [26]
  1. aFan L, presented quality adjusted life years and we simply subtracted these values from one to compute disability weights
  2. bWe just took the average disability weights of the different HCC stages to calculate the annual HCC disability weight of 0.43