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Table 1 Basic characteristics of included studies

From: Health economic evaluation of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review

Included researchRegionResearch typeStudy methodStudy perspectiveStudy populationIntervention techniqueControl comparator techniqueOutcome indicator
Hayeon Kim [17]USACUAfMarkov modelPayerUnresectable CRC liver metastasesSBRTaRFAbICERc
Leung [18]TaiwanCUAMarkov modelPayerAdvanced HCCSorafenibSBRTICER
Pollom [19]USACUAMarkov modelSocialInoperable localized HCCSBRTRFAICER
Leung [20]TaiwanCUAMarkov modelPayerInoperable advanced HCCProton beam therapySBRTICER, NMBsc
Parikh [21]USACEAgRetrospective studyPayerEarly stage HCCSBRTRFAICERe
  1. a Stereotactic body radiotherapy; b radiofrequency ablation; c incremental cost effect ratio; d net monetary benefits; e life-year gained instead of quality life-year gained. f cost-utility analysis;g cost-effectiveness analysis