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Table 4 Estimates of annual acquisition cost of biologic and non-biologic agents

From: Drug utilization and cost associated with inflammatory bowel disease management in Saudi Arabia

MedicationDDDaAdm. RaPrice (US Dollars)Annual costd (US Dollars)
Biological agents
 Infliximab3.75 mgParenteral16.506023
 Adalimumab2.9 mgParenteral44.5416,258
 Certolizumab14 mgParenteral37.9813,865
 Golimumab1.66 mgParenteral21.998025
 Ustekinumab0.54 mgParenteral12.254470
 Vedolizumab5.4 mgParenteral45.8416,730
Non-biological agents
 Azathioprine0.15 gOral0.69254.64
 Mercaptopurine105 mgbOral1.12408.8
 Methotrexate2.5 mgOral1.44526.82
 Sulfasalazine2 gOral0.30110.37
 Mesalazine1.5 gOral1.16425.69
 Prednisone10 mgOral0.0416.06
 Prednisolone10 mgOral0.18567.64
 Hydrocortisone30 mgOral0.1245.33
 Budesonide9 mgOralcc
 Metronidazole2 gOral0.37138.21
1.5 gParenteral6.512378.88
 Ciprofloxacin1 gOral1.24455.52
0.5 gParenteral4.191529
  1. aDDD defined daily dose, Adm. R route of administration
  2. bCalculated from usual maintenance dose 1–2.5 mg/kg
  3. cThe price of that specific dosage form is not available in the SFDA drug list
  4. dRounded to the nearest dollar