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Fig. 3 | Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Fig. 3

From: Costs of hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile infections: an analysis on the effect of time-dependent exposures using routine and surveillance data

Fig. 3

Marginal effects and time-dependent bias. This figure visualizes the marginal effects of the estimation results as given in Table 2. Costs and reimbursements in Euros are measured on the left y-axis, while length of stay is measured in days on the right y-axis. TDB gives the results of the model suffering from the time-dependent bias, corresponding to column 1 in Table 2. TTS gives the results of the correct estimation using the time-to-exposure stratification, corresponding to the results in column 2 in Table 2. The difference between the TDB and TTS estimates equals the size of the time-dependent bias

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