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Table 6 Indirect costs

From: Insulin glargine compared to neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin in patients with type-2 diabetes uncontrolled with oral anti-diabetic agents alone in Hong Kong: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Variable Value
Days off work (DOW) CVD
 DoW, MI acute event 8 days
 DoW, CHF onset 6 days
 DoW, stroke acute event 15 days
 DoW, PVD acute event 7 days
Days off work (DOW) renal disease
 DoW, RT acute event 8 days
Days off work (DOW) neurop/pvd/foot ulcer/amp
 DoW, infected ulcer acute event 6 days
 DoW, gangrene acute event 22 days
 DoW, amputation acute event 38 days
Days off work (DOW) acute events
 DoW, major SHE 2 (during daytime) 3 days
 DoW, major SHE 2 (nocturnal) 3 days
 DoW, keto acute event 8 days
Mean annual salary—male (HKD) 216,000
Mean annual salary—female (HKD) 168,000
  1. CVD cardiovascular disease, HKD Hong Kong Dollar