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Table 1 Cost-effectiveness analyses comparing IMRT and 3D-CRT for prostate cancer

From: Model-based cost-effectiveness analysis of external beam radiation therapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer: a systematic review

Study (authors, year) Target population risk group Time horizon/cycle length Perspective/country Data sources Discount rate for costs and outcomes Model type/type of evaluation/sensitivity analysis
Effectiveness data Cost data/year
Carter et al. (2014) [11] Hypothetical cohort of 65 years patients receiving radiotherapy to the prostate bed 20 years/1 year 3rd party payer perspective/Australia Literature sources and their clinical interpretation, expert opinions Literature sources, AR-DRG cost weights, medicare benefits schedule, pharmaceutical benefits schedule Annual discount rate of 5% was used for costs and outcomes Markov model/cost-utility analysis/one-way and probabilistic sensitivity analysis
Hummel et al. (2012) [12] 70-year-old-man with well-differentiated tumor Lifetime/NA Payer NHS/UK Systematic literature review Single-centre hospital costs, literature sources, expert opinion/2008 Costs and QALYs were discounted at a rate of 3.5% per year Discrete event simulation model/cost-utility analysis/one-way and probabilistic sensitivity analysis
Konski et al. (2005) [13] 70-year-old man with a good and intermediate-risk prostate cancer 10 years Payer US medicare Administrative data: billing department at the Fox Chase Cancer Center Medicare insurance   Markov model
Konski et al. (2006) [14] 70-year-old intermediate risk patients 15 years/1 year 3rd payer medicare perspective/US Literature sources Literature sources, drug red book/2005 Cost and benefits were discounted at 3% per year Markov model/cost-utility analysis/probabilistic sensitivity analysis
Yong et al. (2012) [15] Cohort of 70-year-old men with localized prostate cancer Lifetime/1 month Health system perspective/Canada Literature sources Activity-based costing, Ontario physician fee schedule, OCCI ambulatory care Ontario laboratory fee schedule, literature sources, drug formularies/2009 5% discount rate was used to adjust costs and quality-adjusted life-years Markov model/cost-utility analysis/one-way sensitivity analysis
Cooperberg et al. (2013) [16] Men aged 65 years old with low-risk, intermediate-risk, or high-risk prostate cancer Lifetime Payer US medicare Literature review Medicare cost data Costs and QALY were discounted at 3% annually Markov model
Zemplenyi et al. (2016) [17] Low-, mid, and high-risk patients with localized prostate cancer 10 years/1 month 3rd party payer perspective/Hungary Literature sources (three retrospective cohort studies and two RCTs) Single-center cost collection study (micro-costing) Costs and the quality-adjusted life years were discounted at a rate of 3.7% per year Markov model cost-utility analysis/one-way and probabilistic sensitivity analysis, subgroup analysis