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Table 1 Unit costs for different resource uses in 2012 Euros

From: The allocation of resources in the care for patients with panic disorder in Germany: an excess cost analysis informing policy and science

Cost category Unit Price per unit (€)
Direct costs
 Outpatient sector
  Psychiatrist/neurologist Per visit 45.60
  Psychologist/psychotherapist Per visit 79.61
  General practitioner Per visit 20.45
  Other medical specialists Per visit 35.37
 Inpatient sector
  General hospital Per day 587.18
  Psychiatric hospital Per day 346.36
  Rehabilitation hospital Per day 124.24
 Home care sector
  Professional care Per hour 29.36
  Informal care Per hour 18.33
 Indirect costs
  Absenteeism Per day 245.6
  1. Sources: direct costs: [24, 27]; indirect costs: 30.7€/h [26] assuming 8 h/day