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Table 2 Cost types

From: Medical advice-seeking behaviors based on transaction cost theory

Construct Item Code
Search and information costs Search costs: monetary S1
Search costs: temporal S2
Search costs: physical and psychological S3
Negotiation costs Negotiation costs: treatment fees B1
Negotiation costs: treatment time B2
Negotiation costs: transportation time B3
Negotiation costs: transportation fees B4
Negotiation costs: opportunity costs B5
Decision-making costs Decision-making costs: trust D1
Decision-making costs: habits D2
Decision-making costs: consultations D3
Decision-making costs: other medical advice D4
Policing costs Policing costs: physical and psychological: concerns over malpractice M1
Policing costs: self-initiated online search for treatment and medicine M2
Policing costs: seeking a second opinion M3
Contract execution costs Contract execution: physical and psychological: harmful consequences of failed treatment E1
Contract execution costs: change of treatment E2
Contract execution costs: change of physician E3