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Table 1 Selected key words for study

From: A comprehensive map of the evidence on the performance evaluation indicators of public hospitals: a scoping study and best fit framework synthesis

Data base Key words
Pub med-ISI Scopus “General hospital “OR “public hospital” AND “PERFORMANCE” OR “ performance assessment” OR “ performance evaluation” OR “ performance monitoring” OR “ performance audit” OR “ performance survey” OR “ performance standard” OR “quality indicator” OR “quality assessment” OR “effectiveness indicator” OR “ efficiency indicator “ OR “ productivity indicator “ OR “safety indicator” OR “ profitability indicator “ OR “social responsibility” OR “general hospital effectiveness” OR “ general hospital efficiency” OR “ general hospital productivity” OR “general hospital safety” OR “ general hospital profitability” OR “ general hospital accountability” OR “ general hospital responsibility” OR “Effective Driven factors” OR “Performance Criteria” OR “Performance Criterion” OR “Decision making criteria” OR “Performance Index” OR “Performance Indicator” OR “Performance measurement” OR “Performance metric” OR “performance appraisal” OR “financial audit” OR “financial disclosure” OR “ financial performance”
Science direct “General hospital” AND “Managements” OR “Commission on Professional, Hospital Activities” OR “Hospital Department” OR “Administration, Hospital” OR “Performances, Task” OR “Hospital Economics” OR “Hospital Financial” OR “Hospital Organization and Administration” OR “Association, American Hospital” OR “Healthcare Quality, Access, and Evaluation”