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Fig. 4 | Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Fig. 4

From: Cost effectiveness of HIV and sexual reproductive health interventions targeting sex workers: a systematic review

Fig. 4

Comparing average cost-effectiveness ratios of the interventions based on the income level and geographical region. For studies that cost per DALY averted was not available, it was assumed that cost per DALY averted was equal to cost per infection averted divided by 20 [16, 28, 29]. Two studies [39, 48] used cost per QALY gained. Wilson et al. [48] study was outlier (with ICER of over INT$10 million) and was not included in the graph. Hogan et al. [37] study was not included as it was provided modeled estimates for two WHO regions and it was difficult to convert these estimated to 2016 international dollar. Separate ICER was included for the studies [43, 45] that reported ICER separately for the cities/districts the intervention implemented

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