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Table 1 Description of the interventions, combinations of intervention and routine arms

From: Cost-effectiveness of a combined intervention of long lasting insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying compared with each intervention alone for malaria prevention in Ethiopia

Study arms Number of households Description of the interventions
LLIN alone 1387 Universal coverage of households with LLINs: each household received free LLINs (PermaNet 2.0)—proportional allocation to the household size —99% coverage immediately after distribution (October 2014)
IRS alone 1526 Universal coverage of households with IRS: using Propoxur (isopropoxy-phenyl methylcarbamate) each house sprayed once every year—about 95% coverage for each of the three rounds of spraying (September 2014, July 2015, and July 2016)
Combination (LLIN + IRS) 1615 Each household received LLINs and IRS in parallel with households in the individual arms, and therefore had IRS coverage of 95% and LLIN coverages of 99%
Routine 1541 Neither LLIN, nor IRS was implemented by either the study project or by the district health office within the study period. Based on the baseline data, the background coverage of LLINs was 11%