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Table 2 Costs inputs

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of secukinumab versus other biologics and apremilast in the treatment of active Psoriatic arthritis: a Finnish perspective

Drug/input Cost (€) Unit
Drug acquisition costs a
SEC 150 mg 584.43 Per dose
SEC 300 mg 1168.86 Per dose
CER P 200 mg 483.07 Per prefilled syringe
ETN 50 mg 260.04 Per prefilled syringe
ADA 40 mg 527.41 Per prefilled syringe
INF 100 mg 436.06 Per vial
GOL 50 mg 1086.93 Per prefilled syringe
UST 45/90 mg 3124.96 Per prefilled syringe
APR 10–30 mg 418.52 Per 14 day pack
APR 30 mg 14.93 Per tablet
ETN biosimilar 50 mg 182.02 Per prefilled syringe
ADA biosimilar 40 mg 369.19 Per prefilled syringe
MTX 7.5 mg 0.51 Per dose
Disease-related costs
Intercept 297.89 Per 3 months
Cost per HAQ change 131.61 Per 1-unit change per 3-months
Health states
Uncontrolled psoriasis (PASI < 75) 253.14 Per 3 months
Controlled psoriasis (PASI ≥ 75) 20.46 Per 3 months
  1. ADA, adalimumab; APR, apremilast; CER P, certolizumab pegol; ETN, etanercept; GOL, golimumab; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; INF, infliximab; LEF, leflunomide; MTX, methotrexate; PASI, Psoriasis Area Severity Index; SEC, secukinumab; SUL, sulfasalazine; UST, ustekinumab
  2. Source: Costs from the York model (Rodgers et al., [28]) who extracted costs from the following sources. Cost for a 1-point change in HAQ obtained from Kobelt et al. [49]. Cost for uncontrolled psoriasis obtained from Department of Health [50]. Cost for controlled psoriasis obtained from Hartman et al. [51]
  3. aFinnish medicinal products and prices database [accessed on-line 2.1.2018]. All prices exclude value added tax. Retail price for SC products, and wholesale price for IV products is applied according to local guidelines. Infliximab price is weighed with market share. A cost of €382 (2016 value) is added for each IV administration [48] Biosimilar pricing for etanercept and adalimumab assumed to be 30% less than brand; they were not available in the market at the time of analyses, and thus only used for sensitivity analysis