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Table 1 Comparison between RMTAC and UC

From: Using a dynamic adherence Markov model to assess the efficiency of Respiratory Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (RMTAC) on asthma patients in Malaysia

Components RMTAC UC
Pharmacological management  
Assess and monitor:
 Lung function
 Asthma control
 Medication adherence
 Inhaler technique
Education on the disease and self-management  
Identification and education of individual asthma trigger factors  
Monitor and detect issues on the disease management, including pharmacological and others  
  1. Components indicated for RMTAC and UC (represented as •) are formally structured as routine practice in the RMTAC protocol and physician clinic, respectively. The components for UC are not necessarily limited to those indicated in the table; others may just be non-routine practices
  2. RMTAC, Respiratory Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic; UC, usual care