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Table 2 Case study—Indonesia [29]

From: Incorporating MCDA into HTA: challenges and potential solutions, with a focus on lower income settings

An MCDA was undertaken to inform the 5-year HIV/AIDs strategic plan in West Java province, Indonesia. Criteria and weights were agreed upon by a consultation panel, comprising 23 representatives from different government departments, community organisations, programme managers and researchers. A larger group of stakeholders proposed 50 interventions, which were scored by researchers. The consultation panel reflected on the results of the MCDA, incorporated other ethical considerations to prioritise investments and considered implementation, including who should fund and implement the prioritised interventions
The methods and results of the MCDA were included in West Java’s 5-year strategic document for HIV/AIDS control, which was approved by the governor in 2014. However, this was only a guidance document, and the extent to which it determines resource allocation is uncertain