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Table 1 Priority setting in global health, October 2016, Cambridge, MA: Agenda

From: Introduction: priority setting in global health

Session type Session title Session participant(s)
Wed, October 5, 2016
 Keynote MCDA: a new paradigm for healthcare decision making? Mireille Goetghebeur
Thursday, October 6, 2016
 Introduction Introductory remarks David Bloom
 Presentation HTA in Latin America: a tool for explicit priority setting in Colombia Hector Castro
 Presentation Strategic planning tools for preparedness Guru Madhavan
Charles Phelps
 Presentation SMART Vaccines 2.0: piloting further development of a multi-criteria decision analysis tool Bruce Gellin
Stacey Knobler
 Presentation Antares health priorities matrix: application in Waikato District, New Zealand Rashmi Dayalu
 Presentation MCDA: do not provide a mathematical solution to what really is an ethical problem Rob Baltussen
 Panel discussion Considerations for development of MCDA tools Ole Norheim
  Kevin Marsh
  Cristian Baeza
  Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer
  Mark Jit
 Panel discussion Considerations for applications of MCDA tools Michael Watson
  Kalipso Chalkidou
  Gillian SteelFisher
  Mahlet Kifle Habtemariam
 Summary Wrap-up & closing remarks Guru Madhavan
Ole Norheim
David Bloom