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Table 7 Sensitivity analyses

From: Cost-effectiveness of ustekinumab in moderate to severe Crohn’s disease in Sweden

  Model input ICER
Base case Sensitivity Ustekinumab versus adalimumab Ustekinumab versus vedolizumab
Base case Dominating €30,282
One-way sensitivity analyses
 Discount rate cost 3% 0% Dominating €24,463
5% Dominating €33,145
 Discount rate health effects 3% 0% Dominating €25,946
5% Dominating €33,091
 Time horizon 60 years 15 years Dominating €33,707
5 years Dominating €71,727
 Treatment duration 2 years 5 years Dominating €104,952
Analyses of structural changes
 Indirect costs Included Not included Dominating €60,779
 Discount rate cost and health effect 3% 0% Dominating €20,961
5% Dominating €36,220
 Dose escalation Included Not included Dominating €36,229
 Resource use cost in moderate to severe health state   Doubled from base case Dominating €18,876
 Response criteria CDAI 100 CDAI 70 Dominating €38,376
 Effect of adverse events Included Not included Dominating €30,311
 Utilities IBDQ to EQ-5D Bodger et al. [20] Dominating €27,980
SF-36 to EQ-5D Dominating €63,188
CDAI to EQ-5D Dominating €26,955
  1. ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, CDAI Crohn’s Disease Activity Index, IBDQ inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire, EQ-5D EuroQol-5D