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Table 1 Parameters incorporated into the Markov model

From: Cost-effectiveness of the recommended medical intervention for the treatment of dysmenorrhea and endometriosis in Japan

Parameters/utility measures Valuables Distribution Source
(a) Probabilistic parameters and utility measures
 Annual incidence of Dysmenorrhea 0.0008–0.007 Age-dependent National Patient Survey (2011) [9]
 Progress from dysmenorrhea to endometriosis I/II 18.4% Beta Taketani et al. (1997) [1]
 Natural healing in dysmenorrhea 80% Assumption:adjusted by calibration
 Natural healing in endometriosis I/II 40% Assumption:adjusted by calibration
 Natural healing in endometriosis III/IV 80% Assumption:adjusted by calibration
 Recurrence 22.2% Beta Taketani et al. (1997) [1]
 Visit proportion for dysmenorrhea 0.03–0.5 Age-dependent Calculation from Taketani et al. (1997) [1] and National Patient Survey (2011) [9]
 Visit proportion for endometriosis 0.0124–0.0307 Age-dependent
 Surgery for endometriosis 6.0% Normal Tanaka et al. (2013) [6]
 Proportion of OTC use for self-medication 87.1% Normal Tsutsumi et al. (2002) [28]
 Annual other-cause death Age-dependent Life-time table (2013) [10]
 Odds ratio for risk reduction in the development of endometriosis I/II 0.40 LogNor Vessey et al. (1993) [11]
 Odds ratio for risk reduction in the progression to endometriosis III/IV 0.10 LogNor Tutunaru et al. (2006) [12]/Duffy et al. (2014) [13]
 Utility for dysmenorrhea 0.637 LogNor Assumed that utility for dysmenorrhea is the same as that for endometriosis I/II
 Utility for endometriosis I/II 0.637 LogNor Institution-based QOL survey using visual analogue scales
 Utility for endometriosis III/IV 0.549 LogNor
 Utility for cured 1.000 Assumption
Costs (JPY)/utilizations Valuables Distribution Source
(b) Cost parameters and resource utilizations
 Annual frequency of visits for dysmenorrhea 4 Assumption
 Visit cost for dysmenorrhea 7529 LogNor Resource utilization survey (2011) [16]
 Annual frequency of visits for endometriosis 4 Assumption
 Visit cost for endometriosis 11,291 LogNor Resource utilization survey (2011) [16]
 Annual inpatient cost (excl. surgery cost) 207,661 LogNor
 Cost of surgery (mild) 288,080 LogNor National insurance price list established by the surgeons’ group (2014) [29]
 Cost of surgery (complex) 456,667 LogNor
 Proportion of complex casesa 45.2% LogNor Nagata et al. (1982) [30]
 Annual OTC cost used (self-care) 19,243 LogNor Recalculation of raw data from Tanaka et al. (2013) [6]
 Annual self-medication cost (self-care) 13,715 LogNor
 Productivity loss (half year, self-care) 184,625 LogNor
 Productivity loss (half year, guideline-based intervention) 39,546 LogNor
  1. OTC over the counter, US$ 1 = approximately 120 JPY
  2. a Complex cases were defined as cases diagnosed as either severe or extensive using the American Fertility Society Classification of Endometriosis (AFS Classification)