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Table 3 Values of variables used for prediction of the unit cost

From: Econometric estimation of WHO-CHOICE country-specific costs for inpatient and outpatient health service delivery

Inpatient care Proxy for size Proxy for capacity Proxy for intensity of care provided
Total inpatient admissions per facility per year (p80) Bed occupancy rate (p80) Average length of stay, inpatient (p80)
Facility level 3 4971 0.756 7.14
Facility level 4 and 5 14,028 0.810 9.75
Outpatient care Total outpatient visits per facility per year (p80) Visits per provider per day (p80)
Facility level 1 67,656 8.96
Facility level 2 46,434 9.52
Facility level 3 93,739 3.22
Facility level 4 and 5a 281,156 2.36
Additional variables
 Ownership is set to public provider; location is set to urban location for outpatient care
  1. For definition of levels of care see Box 1
  2. aOutpatient visit costs at level 5 are assumed to be the same as those for level 4